Huwebes, Marso 28, 2013

My Unpublished Calendar for 2013

Last year's December, we had a shoot for my 2013 Calendar. All is well, but we're not able to publish it, So I'll share you guys some of my photos from my supposed-to-be Calendar/ I'm sorry if I disappointed some of my fans, I really want to publish the calendar and sell it to you guys, so that you have a remembrance of me before I really leave the modelling career. I`ll think of other way so I can give you some remembrance of me. Been thinking of Banners, and posters.. Or even a book with some of my photos will do. Will let you know guys. :) Loveyou

Hope you guys enjoy some of the photos. =) 

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Lunes, Marso 25, 2013

After Glow Party :)

So DLSU's Civil Engineering students invited me and my co-FHM Vixen Linda Jean to be the host of their party. We enjoyed the night. We celebrated their year ender. Advance congrats guys!! And thanjs for having us, as part of your memorable party.

Love, Janarah

Finally made my own account here on Blogspot!

Finally!!! Been wanting to create an account here for so long time!:D But Im too lazy. I hope I can update this as much as possible.

Janarah Fox <3