Huwebes, Marso 28, 2013

My Unpublished Calendar for 2013

Last year's December, we had a shoot for my 2013 Calendar. All is well, but we're not able to publish it, So I'll share you guys some of my photos from my supposed-to-be Calendar/ I'm sorry if I disappointed some of my fans, I really want to publish the calendar and sell it to you guys, so that you have a remembrance of me before I really leave the modelling career. I`ll think of other way so I can give you some remembrance of me. Been thinking of Banners, and posters.. Or even a book with some of my photos will do. Will let you know guys. :) Loveyou

Hope you guys enjoy some of the photos. =) 

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8 komento:

  1. thanks for sharing ms Janarah. I thought of buying your calendar as well and wonder what happened because I havent heard anything from your fb acct anymore about this calendar thing. I hope you can share the pix for the month of Oct, my special day :)

  2. Ang tambok talaga at nkkggil boobs m

  3. sarap nga Janarah pa kantot kaisa lang

  4. Wow very nice pic^_^ Janarah is always beautiful in any angle i like Janarah Fox Hot Sexy Photo Shoot