Sabado, Abril 27, 2013

Hot Import Nights 2013!

Last April 20-21, 2013 the hottest carshow in the US went here in Phil for the 2nd time 😁 I'm happy that i became a part of it for two times already. I hope you guys went there too. It was happened at World Trade Center, Pasay City so many people went there for the 2 days carshow! Hot cars, hot babes and hot event organized by Ladder Events and Bumper2bumper carshows...

I modeled for CARBONZONE UNLIMITED cars. Thanks for having me there. We won as 1st and 3rd place for hottest honda :) so happy!!

I also joined Ms Hot Import Nights. Im so not prepared. Really i mean they said im part of the candidates 2 days before the event, so im not able to work out and get slimmer. I admit im chubby now coz im enjoying my life in eating healthy foods that i want. Diet is hell for me. I didn't won in the search but i was awarded as BODY OF THE NIGHT. I cant really believe that!!! Hahaha! But still thanks for choosing me. This is a night to remember and an experience to treasure always 😘

Here are some of the photos from the carshow:

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